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The hotel offers a contemporary tranquil getaway
while being centrally located in the heart of Taipei.

Comfortable ambience, artistic embellishment and classic personal service to everyone who has vision and taste to make a sincere invitation.

Walking through the illuminated gateway is like unwrapping a chic gift. The palpable ambience of European sophistication and polished style, along with renowned

Asian minimalist pristine strikes any insightful voyager coming through this surprising boutique hotel in Taipei. A suave oasis in the midst of the ultra-hi tech, Les Suites Ching Cheng Boutique Hotel Taipei, assures a savvy, yet relaxing ambience in each of the 84 carefully appointed rooms and suites.

Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai Hotel is a Boutique & Luxury City Center retreat. It fuses a special brand of Art Deco design with traditional Oriental Style. A true Boutique Hotel!

Elegant and intimate, Les Suites Orient Bund Shanghai Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Shanghai, along the city’s prestigious Bund area, offering fascinating views over the Huangpu River and the Pudong District.
About us

Les suites Taipei

Since it is founded in 1999, Les suite Taipei has always been committed to providing a “home” that allows travelers to rest easily; each brand has a unique aesthetic style, with elegant and warm spaces, and is committed to providing each guest with an elegant and warm space. Personalized service.